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We specialized in manufacturing various specifications of Alumina ceramics, with production capability of 600 tons per year, because of our perfect quality, our ceramics are popular with our clients from many countries.
        Henan Jiyuan Brother Material Co., Ltd, is manufacturer of alumina armor ceramic in China. We specialize in manufacturing various specifications of armor ceramics. Our products have the characteristics of high hardness, moderate density, small size tolerance and great armor performance, etc.
        Brother Brand’s hard armor plates meet protect level of NIJ level III and IV,standard 0101.06; and has been exported to all over the world, such as Russia and Eastern Europe, etc, which got a high reputation .
Technical Data of Brother Brand armor ceramic
Items Thickness
AI2O3 Purity
Bending Strength
Impact Toughness
Elastic Modulus
XF-01 3-25 ≥99.5 ≥3.90 ≥1550 ≥350 ≥2.2 ≥310
XF-02 3-25 ≥99 ≥3.85 ≥1450 ≥320 ≥2.2 ≥300
XF-03 3-25 ≥96 ≥3.75 ≥1350 ≥320 ≥2.2 ≥300
Pushed slab kiln (1750℃) Shuttle Kiln (1750℃) Bidirectional Automatic Press Machines Experimental Grinding Machine
Lab Electric Kiln (1750℃) Vickers Hardness Tester Bending Strength Tester Crystalline Phase Images of 99% Alumina ceramic
Ballistic Helmet/Plate Ballistic Helmet Ballistic Plate Monolithic Armor Ceramic
Vehicle Armor Ceramic Cylinders Vehicle Armor Ceramic Hexagonal Armor Ceramic
Hexagonal Armor Ceramic with Multi Convex Cylinders Hexagonal Ceramic with Umbrella-shaped Top Vehicle Armor Ceramic
Hexagon Armor Deramic Hexagon Ceramic with Convex Cylinders Heteromorphic Armor Ceramic
Single spherical Ballistic ceramic Hexagonal Armor Ceramic Hexagonal Armor Ceramic

Single Curved Armor Ceramic

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